Aac Bouncy Cream

This rich moisturizing styling cream defines and de-frizzes, for curls that are irresistibly soft to the touch and ready to spring into action

Andis Blade Care Plus Jar

This liquid is basically made to slide all over any surface, collect particles like hair, and then let them slide out of the machine. It works by having very high viscosity and working like an incredibly slippery lubricant. It slides through your clipper blades and lets gravity pull the hairs out.

Andis Cool Care Plus

Five-In-One Formula Is A Coolant, Disinfectant, Lubricant, Cleaner And Rust Preventative Get Clean, Cool And Lubricated Blades In One Easy Step Without Removing Them From The Clipper The Disinfectant Is A Virucide, Fungicide, Batericide And Tuberculocide Special Suregrip Sculpted Can Is Easy To Hold High Pressure Comfort Tip Nozzle Sprays Hair Out Of The Blade Teeth.

Ardell Duo Strip Adhesiv Clear

Flaunt those glamorous lashes with this invisible faux strip lash glue from DUO. It dries clear and blends quickly on any eye makeup shade to keep your eye looks perfect all day, all night!

As I Am Coconut Cowash

As I Am Coconut CoWash is the way to cleanse your hair most of the time. This light no-suds conditioning cream gently spreads easily throughout your hair and removes residue including all of the things you've used to style and maintain your coils and curls. Coconut Cowash is different from any other because it contains a special blend of natural ingredients that work to promote healthy hair growth from the follicular level. Maintains moisture, adds more moisture and helps hair retain moisture until your next cleanse. Makes detangling a breeze and rinses easily from hair. Gentle enough for daily use and is safe for color-treated hair.

Aunt Jackie Oh So Clean Shmp

Shampoo thoroughly by working OH SO CLEAN! into wet hair. Do not shampoo vigorously. Gently massage, rubbing scalp with fingertips, and working lather in, along hair strands. Rinse and repeat to wash away raised particles and impurities from the first shampoo. Gentle enough for daily use. Towel dry and follow with IN CONTROL “Anti-Poof” Moisturizing and Softening Conditioner

Barbicide Plus

Barbicide is a disinfectant solution used by barbers and cosmetologists for disinfecting grooming tools such as combs and hair-cutting shears.

BB Pump It Up Spritz [Gold]55Perc

Product Description Dries quicklyLeaves no buildup & rinses out easilyWith extra silk protein & Vitamin BReversion resistant Ingredients SD Alcohol 40-B, Deionized Water, Isobutylene/Ethylmaleimide/Hydroxyethylmaleimide Copolymer, Polyimide-1, Cyclomethicone, Diisobutyl Adipate, Panthenol, Caprylyl Pyrrolidone, Silk Amino Acids, D&C Red 33, Fragrance. Instructions Hold bottle 8 to 12 inches from hair. Spray evenly over desired style. Allow hair to dry. Warnings Safety Warning: Contents flammable! Do not use near fire or flame. Do not smoke until hair is fully dry. Do not spray near eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Black & White Ointment

For the temporary protection of minor cuts, scrapes burns Helps prevent chapped, cracked Windburned skin

Cantu Sbutt Leave-In Repair

Cantu shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream is an intensive deep penetrating leave in cream conditioning treatment that is made with pure shea butter and other natural oils to stop and mend breakage, repair split ends, and add manageability and shine with every application.

Cantu Sbutt Nat Co-Wash

Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Complete Conditioning Co-Wash - Every day, there are people out there embracing their natural, beautiful, textured hair and owning their unique style. Our collection of award-winning products made just for textured hair is all you need to achieve any look or style you want.

Cantu Skin Body Lotion Shea

Enriched With Butters And Vitamin E, No Parabens Or Sulfates, 24 Hr Moisture, Fast Absorbing, For Dry Skin

Caruso Hairsetter Steam

Caruso Professional is a brand that knows the potential of a great curl and the power of a full head of gorgeous curls. From the Molecular Steam Setters to the unique rollers and shields you have everything needed to create radiantly luxurious styles. ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Create a gorgeous crown of curls easily and quickly with the Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Setter. Using steam to create a gentler heat helps reduce damage from overheating, making this steam roller set gentler on natural hair and synthetic hair. After being placed on the steamer, the unique soft foam rollers become infused with soft, steamed moisture. Simply wrap appropriately sized sections around the roller and snap the shield into place for even more moisture penetration. The shield design allows for airflow and quick evaporation, so once your rollers are on you can help speed up the setting process with a hair dryer or hood dryer. Complete with 30 rollers and shields in multiple sizes you have maximum styling versatility and control. Plus, multiple sizes mean great results for all hair lengths. Five sizes include Petite (5/8”) through Jumbo (1 ¾”) with six of each roller and shield. The dual voltage feature makes these the best hair rollers for transportation – you can plug in anywhere and flaunt beautiful curls anywhere. This hair setter roller set also includes a BONUS storage bag that makes it even easier to pack up, stay organized, and go! You’ll love creating gorgeous styles with the Molecular Steam Setter and for further inspiration, you can look at the included styling guide.

Cfc Snap Back Curl Restorer

Exclusively formulated for the 'Dry Curl' style to help prevent hair breakage while providing 'round-the-clock' moisture control without excess wetness. Excellent for body waves and natural styles.

Cman Pinaud Beard 2In1 Conditioner

Formulated with a special blend of coconut oil, soy protein and panethenol, it does double duty, conditioning and soothing irritated skin while leaving beard soft and frizz free. For added control, use with Clubman Bread Balm. Apply a small amount to palms of hands.

Cman Pn Sty Matte Putty

Clubman Molding Putty for men offers superior performance formula that gives a firm hold on your hair at maximum strength while still making it flexible to styling. With a special blend of natural extracts to maintain the perfect balance of conditioner, strength, and essential moisture to make your hair look and feel healthier, thicker, and stronger.

Cman Shave Cream Spray

Special Ph Formula For Closer, Comfortable Shaves Rich, Creamy Lather Softens Whiskers Enriched With Aloe Vera For A Smoother Shave

Cool Mist

This multi-purpose astringent is the essential for a variety of professional beauty treatments. Used to remove excess oil, dirt and makeup that soap and water can't reach! It helps freshens, tone and soothes your skin, leaving it invigorating with a refreshing as a cool mist finish.

Crusader Soap [Med]

Crusader Cleansing Bar Soap containing TRICLOCARBON and IRGASAN DP300 (Tricolsan) helps eliminate clogged pores that can lead to infections, blemishes, pimples and body odors. This strong antiseptic soap helps prevent skin infections, pimples, boils, prickly heat, lice in the hair and body odour.

Curl Max Curl Act Moisturizer

Revitalize curls and waves with Lustrasilk Curl Max Curl Activator Moisturizer, 20 oz. It's an ideal choice for all types of curly styles. The formula is enriched with argan oil to nourish and hydrate your tresses and restore elasticity for exceptional bounce and movement. It's loaded with rich, non-greasy oils and no drying alcohol. The quick-penetrating hair curl activator softens as it reduces frizz and flyways so that you get your ideal style without excess build-up that can weigh hair down. Combine it with other Lustrasilk products to complete your hair care routine (available separately).

Dr Teal Foaming Bath Eucalyp

Dr Teal’s Relax & Relief with Eucalyptus & Spearming Foaming Bath utilizes essential oils to calm the senses and help provide relief from stress.All Dr Teal's Foaming Baths contain Epsom Salts to help revitalize tired, achy muscles.Spearmint is used as a restorative for the body, while Eucalyptus stimulates the senses.Creates a luxurious and soft lather and transforms your bathtub into a relaxing spa.Three, 34 fl oz bottles for a total of 102 fl oz.

Dr Teal Foaming Bath Lavende

Dr Teal's Foaming Bath transforms an ordinary bath into a relaxing spa. This luxurious bath foam fills the tub with long-lasting bubbles that gently cleanse the body. A combination of silky oils soothes the senses, relax tense muscles, and relieve the mind of stress. The restful properties of Lavender Essential Oils relax the mind and help promote a better night's sleep. This product is intended for external use only. Use only as directed. Contains Epsom Salt and Lavender Essential Oils. Made in the USA.

Eco Styl Gel [Pink]

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Eco Style Curl & Wave Gel is a firm holding gel ideal for curly and wavy hair and other styles that are worn for long periods of time. Curl & Wave Gel will help define and moisturize your curls. This water-based gel is weightless and will provide a gravity-defying hold. Eco style firm hold gel has the added benefit of anti-itch additives to minimize scalp irritation. This product contains glycerin to moisturize, ensuring that the product will not cause flaking or leave the hair hard and brittle.

Eco Styl Gel [Yellow]

Eco Style Colored Hair Gel is specially formulated to benefit delicate colored or chemically treated hair. This gel is water-based and weightless to provide a gravity-defying hold. It controls and defines with long lasting shine. It contains UV protection and is recommended for all hair types.

Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Creme

Eucerin Ecxema Bby Rlf Bd Size 5z Eucerin Baby Eczema Relief Body Creme 5z (Pack of 3)