About Us

Welcome to Daralight

Daralight is a customer-focused, multi-variety online retail store.

We specialize in sourcing and distributing high quality products from both local and international vendors that meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

At Daralight, value-centered business is our watchword, so we strive to offer good value in relation to the money, time, and effort our customers invest. For this reason, we do not compromise on product quality standards.

The categories of products we source and distribute include but not limited to Medical products, Health & Beauty, Kitchen & Dinning, Sports & Outdoors, Grocery, Household, Office & School supplies.

We are so thrilled that you are here! Let us know if you have any questions.

Our Vision

To be regarded by our customers, vendors, and business partners as the best retailer.

Our Mission

Providing good value for our customers’ money, time, and effort.

Our Philosophy and Values

We specialize in sourcing high quality products at affordable prices.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our delight, so we assist our customers for the best shopping experience.


We keep every promise we make to our customers, so you can rely on us for high quality products.


When our customers can’t afford it, even a great shopping experience isn’t really helpful, so we always try to offer highly competitive prices.


As counterfeit products are on the rise, we are committed to providing our customers with 100% genuine products from local and international vendors.